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Granite Countertop Contamination Alert
Granite Countertop Contamination Alert
Moving into a home that has granite countertops that was previously owned by someone else? Do you have older granite or natural stone countertops? Even brand new stone slabs contain contaminants in the pores. Unless the granite or natural stone has been sealed with Granite Shield the pores of the stone are embedded with contaminants that could make you sick. Salmonella could be embedded in the pores. Granite Shield penetrates the stone when the stone is being sealed leaving a cleaner, shinier and permanently sealed granite. The proof is when older stone is being sealed with Granite Shield. Even if the granite is thoroughly cleaned before the Granite Shield penetrating sealers are applied. While sealing with the Granite Shield sealing process the white terry cloth almost appears black from contaminants being washed out of the stone. Don't risk having left over contaminants from the previous homeowner, get your granite cleaned and sealed by Granite Shield.
Photos Below Of Contamination That Was Lifted Out Of The Granite Pores When Sealing
Granite Shield is a 5 step process. With each sealer the sealer penetrates deep into the stones pores thoroughly cleaning and permanently sealing the natural stone.










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