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Granite Shield Cleaning Procedures


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Maintenance and cleaning instructions for surfaces sealed with Granite Shield


For polished granite sealed with the Granite Shield we recommend only the following Original Windex with ammonia, or a glass cleaner that contains ammonia. Regular Clorox bleach per their instructions which is 3/4 of a cup of Clorox to 1 gallon of water or a 50/50 solution of denatured alcohol and water and to dry a clean microfiber towel. Using Clorox or 50/50 denatured alcohol is not an oil and grease remover. To have your granite countertop as shiny as the day it was sealed use Granite Shield's Kleen N Shine at least twice a month. The warranty does not cover how smooth or shiny your granite is. It's a sealer to prevent staining from spills. Over the counter granite cleaners or polishers aren't recommended or needed and may dull or discolor your granite countertop because many contain mineral oil. Soap and water shouldn't be used because it can leave a dull, smeary, lifeless mess on your granite. Would you clean your glass window or glass shower door with soap and water? Most people would not and we don't recommend it. Harsh chemicals such as Ajax, Comet, CLR, Lime-Away, Tilex or Goo Gone should never be used on granite that is sealed or any type of natural stone. The nanotechnology carbon crystal used in the Granite Shield sealing process makes granite smoother and shiny. Kleen N Shine makes granite after being sealed with the Granite Shield process smoother, shinier and more sleek. If you are only interested in a stain free countertop it is suggested on polished granite to only use Windex with ammonia. If you are interested in the shinest granite possible it is suggested to use Windex with ammonia as a daily cleaner and occasionally Granite Shield's Kleen N Shine. The secret to having the shiniest granite countertop using Granite Shield products is Granite Kleen, Kleen N Shine and a clean microfiber towel. That is what we suggest to clean shiny (polished) granite countertop.
For very porous or light granite or porous natural stone it is suggested to use Granite Shield's Nustone Kleen and Kleen N Shield.
For hardwater spots Silicabright is suggested.
Unfortunately like we just mentioned due to the increasing popularity of natural stone many over the counter natural stone cleaners and polishers and online natural stone cleaners and polishers are popping up on the market and some are not safe for natural stone and will cause you problems. *Caution some over the counter cleaners and polishers that say they are granite and marble cleaners and polishers contain mineral oil, wax and/or silicone and should not be used on granite sealed with Granite Shield.* Mineral oil left on granite (sealed or unsealed) long periods of time can change the color of the granite and discolor. Wax, plastic, acrylic and silicone can yellow,
crack, peal or scratch and can leave a thin layer of film on your granite. *Cleaning products that contain such ingredients will void the Granite Shield warranty. Cleaning products that contain silicone, plastic, acrylic, wax and mineral oil or any type of oil is considered abuse to natural stone and improper care and maintenance.* If in areas where you clean your granite (sealed or unsealed) changes colors or discolors may indicate it was caused by cleaning products. Baby oil is mineral oil. Would you clean your granite with baby oil? When cleaning your polished granite sealed with the Granite Shield process think of your granite as glass so if using an over the counter household cleaner you should use Windex with ammonia. A clean microfiber towel on granite should always be used instead of a paper towel or terry cloth.
For honed granite, marble and other types of natural stone a neutral pH7 stone cleaner Granite Shield's Nustone Kleen and at least once a month Granite Shield's Kleen N Shield and a white terry cloth towel. Use common sense when cleaning natural stone. When in doubt use Granite Shield's aftercare products or a neutral stone pH7 cleaner sold at Home Depot or Lowes and a clean microfiber towel for polished natural stone and a white terry cloth towel for honed stones.
Natural stone countertops such as marble, travertine and limestone Granite Shield's neutral pH7 stone cleaner Nustone Kleen and at least once a month Kleen N Shield, Kleen N Shine could be used on countertops not flooring. Harsh and/or abrasive or acidic chemicals or cleaners should never be used on these types of stones. Any liquid under a pH7 is considered acidic and will leave what is called an etch on your stone. What we suggest to clean marble (polished) countertops.
The condition of grout or caulking should be checked at least once a month should it crack it needs to be recaulked or regrouted because moisture could seep through the cracks and penetrate the stone. It is very important between the sink and granite, showers and around the bathtub.
For daily cleaning on honed stones or calcite based stones use a neutral stone cleaner such as Nustone Kleen by Granite Shield. Nustone Kleen comes in a ready to spray cleaner and a concentrate.  Granite Shield's Nustone Kleen neutral stone & tile cleaner is a unique, no rinse cleaner intended for daily or weekly use on all quarry tile. Cleans the surface without acids, caustics, abrasives, bleach or ammonia.
Granite Shield's daily cleaner Granite Kleen is an all purpose household cleaner cleans and leaves a shine. Just spray on and wipe off with a clean microfiber towel.
*Granite* *Glass* *Stainless Steel* *Chrome* *Mirrors*
Granite Shield's recommended all purpose cleaner for granite is Kleen N Shine. Kleen N Shine repellent spray is the best granite cleaner available on the market and is the preferred cleaner for granite sealed with the Granite Shield process. Just spray and wipe off with a clean microfiber towel. Cleans, repels and shines. Your granite has never felt smoother or shinier. For hard surfaces other than flooring you may find Kleen N Shine may be the most used cleaner you will ever use. To maintain the Granite Shield warranty on glass, stainless steel and porcelain with the Granite Shield process must be maintained at least once a month with Kleen N Shine. Kleen N Shine can also be used on engineered stone.
Caution: Do not use on Kleen N Shine on flooring. May be slippery!
*Granite* *Marble* *Glass* Mirrors* *Stainless Steel* *Wood* *Leather* *Plastic* *Acrylic* *Porcelain* *Fiberglass* *Cars* *Boats* RV's* *Eye Glasses* *Computer Screens*
Granite Shield's Kleen N Shield ready to use spray cleans surfaces, rejuvenates, helps repel dirt and stains. Stays cleaner longer. Refreshes the protective Granite Shield repellent sealer on porous treated surfaces. Recommended cleaner for calcite based stones, honed stones and shower walls.
*Limestone* Marble* *Terrazzo* *Travertine* *Grout*
Granite Shield's Silicabright restoration cream is easy to apply and deep cleans thoroughly. It quickly dissolves oxidation spotting and leaves the surface clean and repellent. Clears away permanent spotting on glass, polished stone, stainless steel, porcelain and fiberglass. Safe for waterline on toilets and sinks treated with Granite Shield.
Maintenance and cleaning instructions for floors, grout and shower walls sealed with Granite Shield
For daily cleaning use a neutral stone cleaner such as Nustone Kleen by Granite Shield. Granite Shield's Nustone Kleen neutral stone & tile cleaner is a unique, concentrated, no rinse cleaner intended for daily or weekly use on all quarry tile. Cleans the surface without acids, caustics, abrasives, bleach or ammonia.
Known Products Recommended Not to Use Once Sealed With Granite Shield
1. Marble & Granite Cleaner By Magic - Contains mineral oil
2. Clorox Green Works - Leaves a sticky residue
3. Any type of stainless steel cleaner for stainless steel containing mineral oil
4. Goo Gone products on natural stone
5. Cleaners that contain oil, silicone, plastic or wax
6. Over the counter natural stone rejuvenators, refreshers, revitalizers and or polishers (not needed or recommended with the Granite Shield process and may contain mineral oil, silicone, plastic, acrylic or wax which Granite Shield products do not contain)





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