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Granite Shield Natural Stone Sealer - Answers to Questions We Get


Applicator's are independent contractors, independent natural stone fabricators and natural stone showrooms. Granite Shield authorized applicators are located throughout the United States.

Regarding marble. Granite Shield can not warranty against etching on calcite based stones. There is no sealer available that can stop etching unless you have a plastic film applied to the surface. In time the plastic film can make the natural stone disintegrate or the plastic film lifts. Granite Shield itself does not apply a plastic film to natural stone. An applicator with his or her independent business may offer it. They may also offer restoration to stones.

Some customers don't like an answer given. Some customer's do at times get rude. Sometimes they've purchased a stone and know nothing about the care of the stone and don't like what they are now told how they should care for a stone. Marble is an easy fix an etch removal cream can remove etching. Sometimes a Restoration Expert has to remove the etch. Quartzite is different. Yes it contains calcite but to remove a stain a Restoration Expert may be needed to fix the problem. A beautiful stone but some Quartzite has problems. Many salespeople sell Quartzite but are not aware of the care and maintenance of the stone. Many things can leave marks and etching on Quartzite even if sealed. Some of our Authorized Granite Shield Applicators are Restoration Experts and warranty their work such as polishing.

Once granite is sealed with the Granite Shield sealer doesn't mean doing anything to the surface. Granite Shield puts a glass like sealer on a polished granite surface, It is recommended to clean with Windex with Ammonia and if the customer wants the granite to be as shiny as the day it was sealed use occasionally Granite Shield's Kleen N Shine. Kleen N Shine can be used as often as you'd like. Just make sure you are using a cleaner to remove oils. You'd be surprised the surfaces you can apply Kleen N Shine. At that point some customer's want to do anything to the surface. Granite Shield doesn't warranty abuse. Some want to leave spills on forever. Never clean the surface or edges especial between the stone edge and stove. Some don't understand cleaning with soap and water and only clean around the appliance's then wonder why the countertop changed color just around where they cleaned. Soap contains oils and using soap and water then pushing when wiping into the countertop the oils into the pores.

Natural stone has to breathe. Breathable sealers have to be used or the natural stone will disintegrate in time. The Granite Shield sealer is a breathable sealer. If anything a natural stone should be cleaned with a neutral pH7 natural stone cleaner. Many over the counter cleaners contain oil. Oil needs to be removed within a reasonable time. Even if sealed. So beware if you have a light granite and clean with soap and and water because in time where you clean can change to an orange color.

The warranty calls are usually about they got hardwater deposits on the surface around the faucet on the surface. The faucet leaked, the grout between the sink and countertop cracked and water leaked through the cracked grout to the underneath the countertop. Underneath is raw stone. Once that happens the water spreads to the surface. Some fry a lot and splattered oils and grease get between countertop edge and stove. Unless the stove is pulled out before the countertop is sealed the edge is not sealed. That area in most cases isn't sealed. Once the oil and grease splatters onto the edge the oil and grease will spread from the side then spread to the surface. The oil and grease could have even spread to the plywood the countertop is sitting on. An area most don't clean.

The best way to contact Granite Shield is through email. Granite Shield is not a franchise. All applicators are independent contractors or businesses, they own their own natural stone sealing business and use our sealers.

Granite Shield is a national and international sealing service providing customer leads to authorized Granite Shield applicators.
Applicators and granite fabricators are independent contractors and businesses and are not employees of the Granite Shield corporate office.
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