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Understanding Sideway Staining VS Staining From Surface

Granite Shield - Possible Warranty?

The responsibility is of the homeowner to keep the grout or caulking free of cracks between granite and sink. This is not covered under the warranty. Make sure there are no cracks in caulking between sink and granite so water doesn't penetrate under unsealed granite or other types of natural stone.


This is an example of what can happen should water or dirty dish water penetrate between cracks in caulking and in faucet holes. Not covered under warranty.
Raw, unpolished granite holes. Water and even dirty dish water can penetrate those holes staining the granite or natural stone from the raw bottom of the stone or sideways spreading to the surface. Not covered under warranty.
Example of what it looks like when soap penetrates the sides and the bottom of raw granite or natural stone leaving a dark stain. Not covered under warranty.
Example of oil penetrating between stove and natural stone. Not covered under warranty.
Example of water getting between the countertop and sink grout needs to be caulked
Surface stain VS staining from underneath the natural stone spreading to the surface or sideway transfer
The stone's edge when cut is raw granite and the most porous granite more so than polished granite. Some staining comes from water leaking in faucet holes, soap dispensers, cracked caulking between sink and natural stone and stove edge and stone edge then penetrates sides and spreading sideways and to the surface. Not the surface going down. Between the stove edge is unable to be cleaned because impossible to clean the side edges because the stove and the stoves edge are very close together and most likely sitting on wood which also the oil or grease may have penetrated the wood and possibly soaked the wood and then spreading outward sideways and to the surface. If any edge or surface is never cleaned or not cleaned in a reasonable amount of time no matter what sealer is used oil can penetrate especially from the sides penetrating sideways and then spreading to the surface. That is not a surface stain and that's what gets sealed is the surface. The only way to make it impossible to not stain should oil or grease spill or splatter in between the stones edge and stove would be to silicone the edges around the stove. We warranty stains from spills that penetrate downward. Please see photos of how natural stone looks like before installation of stove and faucets. Should a stain occur from the side spreading sideways and to the surface that is not covered by the Granite Shield warranty.
Granite Abuse Photo Not Covered Under Warranty.
Granite Abuse Photo Not Covered Under Warranty.
Granite Abuse Photo Not Covered Under Warranty.
It is highly suggested not to lay dough on your natural stone. Rolling dough can embed butter and grease into your natural stone changing color. When using oils, butter and grease it is highly suggested to protect the natural stone. Granite Shield is a sealer. It is not purchasing a warranty. 
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